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[*c-lab 1.0] Tech Camouflage
[*c-lab 1.0] Tech Camouflage
  • Program Details

    Coreana Museum of Art *c-lab 1.0 Project

    Tech Camouflage: Anti-Face Makeup Workshop

    Coreana Museum of Art X Soobin Academy X G-square Model Academy

    The Coreana Museum of Art offers in collaboration with Soobin Academy and G-squre Model Academy in order to provide a deeper understanding of the project, Google, Algorithms, Error, and Contemporary Art, which has been selected as a research project for *c-lab 1.0 in 2017. This project explores the shifting terrain of aesthetics, art, and the irony/imperfection of technology in this age which is undergoing rapid changes due to new technologies and media such as Google Earth, artificial intelligence, and new algorithms. In the workshop, professional as well as prospective makeup artists and hair stylists will practice alternative makeup and hair styles as a camouflage from facial recognition algorithms, being aware of the fact that such technology could invade human privacy.

    Adam Harvey (, artist and researcher who is based in Germany, has suggested that makeup, fashion, hair, accessories can be used as a way of protecting one’s privacy from computer vision surveillance system. In the workshop, makeup artists and hair stylists will suggest new style looks that feature “anti-face” based on their interpretation of the style tips from CV Dazzle (, one of Adam Harvey’s privacy-related projects. 

  • Schedule

    Date&Time: 2017. 10. 25. Wed. 3 6pm

     Venue: Coreana Museum of Art (827 Eonjuro Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea, 06024)

     Collaborating Institutions & Participants

    Soobin Academy(Makeup & Hair)

           - Creative Direction: Kim Hyuna

           - Makeup: Moon Yoo Jin

           - Makeup (Jewelry Details): Bai Yingai

           - Makeup (Stud Details): Jung Ji Moon

           - Hair: Choi Ji Soo, Gu Ye Na 

    - Face Chart Design: Kim Ka Hyun, Kim Ye Bin

    G-squre Model Academy(Model)

    - Kim Hee Jung

    - Kim Jeong Eun

    - Yoon Chae Hee

    - Jeong Sang Min

     Video: docu8

     Photo: Cha Hyun Seok

  • Photos

    <Tech Camouflage: Anti-Face Makeup Workshop> Video |video: docu8

    Models: (from left to right) Jeong Sang Min, Kim Hee Jung, Yoon Chae Hee, Kim Jeong Eun |photo: Cha Hyun Seok