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Permanent Exhibition

The Coreana Cosmetics Museum features a permanent exhibition on 5th floor gallery, and special exhibitions on the 6th floor gallery, which display objects from Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cosmetic culture that are a part of the collection.

The permanent exhibition begins with a video that delivers a chronology of the history of Korean cosmetic culture and traditional cosmetic materials such as cleansers, powders, and rouges, enabling viewers to make comparisons with contemporary products. Also on display are makeup tools such as bronze mirrors, combs, and mirror stands, as well as cosmetic containers such as lidded powder cases and powder jars categorized by periods from the United Silla to the modern times. In addition, an introduction of garments and fashion accessories that falls under the concept of “makeup” in traditional culture allows a fun and easy understanding of the concept and meaning of Korean cosmetic culture.

The special exhibition on the 6th floor gallery enables viewers to gain a deeper understanding of Korean cosmetic culture that leads the K-Beauty culture. By comparing various cultures of neighboring countries with Korea, the museum serves as a cultural guide as the society becomes culturally diverse.

The museum has also established its identity as a museum for Korean traditional cosmetic culture and laid the groundwork to become a comprehensive museum by organizing exhibitions two times a year that reinterpret the collection under the themes of women, design, and nature.