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Imprinting Hope
Imprinting Hope
Imprinting Hope
  • Title
    Imprinting Hope
  • Period
    2021. 11. 23 - 2022. 5. 20
  • Venue
    Coreana Cosmetics Museum's 6F
  • Introduction

    Pattern, a means of communication and expression that humanity began to adopt even before the introduction of letters, was created in various shapes and used mainly for the purpose of adornment to beautifully decorate the living space.

    Korean people have selected patterns of symbolic significance among common flowers, fruits, animals, geometric shapes, and letters and used them across the domains of food, clothing, and residence to express social standing and rank or wish for happiness in daily life. For example, Koreans created molds in the shape of flowers, subok (two Chinese characters that each represent long life and blessing), and fish to make rice cake and tea confectionery, staples at festive occasions such as weddings and sixtieth birthday parties. These patterns represented the values of sharing the joy and wishing the congratulated happiness. The outfits worn at these ceremonial occasions were also impressed with gold plates that represented a longing for harmony in the family, prosperity in descendants, good health, and wealth and honor to add splendor and elegance to the celebration. In ancient times, Koreans used to call books seobo (literally, “precious writing“) and would adorn a book with neunghwapan (a wooden plate for impressing a pattern on the cover of an ancient Korean book) to imbue the cover with a subtle pattern. Books were treasured as one of the chilbo (seven precious daily objects) alongside jeonbo (coin), hwabo (picture book), gyeongbo (mirror) and seogakbo (horn of the rhinoceros).

    This exhibition encourages viewers to appreciate the details and beauty of pattern plates that embody the hip attitude of Korean ancestors who carefully carved and imprinted various wishes in the form of patterns to enjoy the beauty of life. We encourage visitors to examine each of these hopes that are expressed in a variety of ways, a collection of everyone’s wishes melting in over a long period of time, to experience the joy of discovering values beyond patterns.


    Supported by Coreana Cpsmetics, Co., Ltd.

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