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Preserved Youthfulness through Dongeuibogam
Preserved Youthfulness through Dongeuibogam
Preserved Youthfulness through Dongeuibogam
  • Title
    Preserved Youthfulness through Dongeuibogam
  • Period
    2019. 7. 23 - 11. 9
  • Venue
    박물관 6층 특별전시실
  • Introduction

    “Youthfulness” is one of the hottest topics of our time. As not only the milestone but also a necessary condition upon which the quality of life is contingent in our age of extended lifespans, youthfulness is now a prime object of desire. It has become a social trend, a property to be expected from everyone beyond the confines of individual preference.    


    The state of being young implies physical vitality along with healthy mentality. Dongeuibogam, a book on medicine written during the Joseon period (in 1610), dictates that one must effectively manage our congenital bodies and the energy it harbors, as well as spiritual wisdom and enlightenment in order to ensure longevity. In fact, Dongeuibogam itself was written with the aim of conveying knowledge about useful ways to maintain health for the benefit of Joseon’s people amidst the toils of war and other adversities. As such, the book places weight on the quality of life rather than introducing actual cures for specific diseases, proposing ways to lead a longer, healthier life. The face, in particular, is used for initial diagnosis; the book offers detailed approaches for detecting signs of illness through facial features such as one’s complexion, eyes and hair color, along with prescriptions, ingredients, and their effects.


    This is the twenty fourth special exhibition hosted by the Coreana Cosmetics Museum. The exhibition’s objective is to present the principles and strategies of health management in Dongeuibogam, a book that focuses on preserving youthfulness through life styles that abide by the laws of Nature. We hope that visitors would identify unique ways to maintain their own youthfulness by comparing traditional strategies with contemporary pursuits.

    Supported by Coreana Cosmetics, Co., Ltd.

    In cooperation with Heojun Museum  

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